Michigan Legislators are HUGE FAILURES on Transparency and Accountability

Lack of Action Exposes Self-Serving Interests In a state where transparency and accountability in government should be paramount, the actions, or more accurately, the lack of action, by Michigan legislators speaks volumes. The empty promises of transparency, the thinly veiled attempts to maintain the status quo, and the glaring refusal to hold themselves accountable have […]

Michigan Initiatives Expands Reach: Circulators Now Active in 33 Counties

LANSING – Michigan Initiatives For Action, the driving force behind the groundbreaking Transparency Initiative, is rapidly gaining momentum as its network of dedicated circulators extends to 62 petition circulators that cover 33 counties and 2 townships across the state. This landmark effort aims to hold the executive and legislative branches accountable through public information requests, […]

Michigan Initiatives For Action: Empowering the People Towards Transparency in Government

[LANSING] – Michigan Initiatives For Action (MIFA) achieved a major milestone in their pursuit of increased transparency in government when their petition to hold the executive and legislative branches subject to public information requests received approval from the Bureau of Elections and the Board of State Canvassers. This historic initiative can now move into circulation, […]

The Transparency Initiative Receives Unanimous Approval by Board of State Canvassers

[LANSING -] – In a historic decision, the Board of State Canvassers granted unanimous approval today to The Transparency Initiative, marking a significant milestone for citizens’ initiatives in our state. This groundbreaking effort, spearheaded by a coalition of passionate individuals, aims to bring unprecedented transparency and accountability to Michigan’s government. The Transparency Initiative seeks to […]

John Clore, Founder of Michigan Initiatives for Action LLC, to Address Michigan State Board of Canvassers on Historic Transparency Act

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 7/11/23 [LANSING] – Michigan Initiatives for Action LLC is proud to announce that its esteemed founder, John Clore, has been placed on the agenda to present the groundbreaking Transparency Act at the upcoming Michigan State Board of Canvassers meeting on July 17th, 2023. This historic event marks the first-ever citizens’ initiative to […]

Michigan Initiatives Submits Groundbreaking “Transparency Act” Petition to Secretary of State

In an unprecedented move, a groundbreaking citizens’ initiative called “The Transparency Act” has been submitted to the Michigan Secretary of State, marking a historic moment in the state’s governance. This innovative initiative aims to hold the executive and legislative branches subject to public information requests, fostering a culture of transparency and accountability. As the petition […]

Michigan Initiatives Unveils “The Transparency Act” to Empower Citizens and Promote Accountability

[Lansing, Michigan] Michigan Initiatives, a grassroots organization dedicated to promoting transparency and accountability in government, has publicly released its groundbreaking legislation, “The Transparency Act.” This landmark initiative aims to empower citizens and hold elected officials accountable by subjecting the legislative and executive branches to public information requests. In a bold move to address the rampant […]

Official Public Notice To All Michigan Lawmakers

Demand for Immediate Transparency – Support “The Transparency Act” Michigan Legislators, This is an official public notice representing the unwavering demand of Michigan citizens for transparency in our government. We, the people of Michigan, demand transparency now, and we expect you, as lawmakers, to heed our call without delay. Michigan Initiatives’ groundbreaking¬† “The Transparency Act,” […]

Charges and Pleas Shed Light on Bribery Scandal and the Need for Transparency in Michigan

Recent Events Expose Corruption in Michigan Legislature as Lack of FOIA Transparency Comes to Light In a shocking turn of events, recent developments have once again cast a spotlight on the issue of corruption within the Michigan Legislature. The charges brought against Rick Johnson, former Chairperson of the Michigan Marijuana Licensing Board, and three others […]