LANSING – Michigan Initiatives For Action, the driving force behind the groundbreaking Transparency Initiative, is rapidly gaining momentum as its network of dedicated circulators extends to 62 petition circulators that cover 33 counties and 2 townships across the state. This landmark effort aims to hold the executive and legislative branches accountable through public information requests, a move set to redefine the state’s political landscape.

The initiative has garnered significant traction, with circulators focusing their efforts in counties with higher population densities. The heaviest concentration of circulators is found in counties such as Wayne, Oakland, Jackson, Macomb, Kent, and Hillsdale. This strategic approach aims to maximize outreach and gather the support necessary to enact meaningful change in Michigan’s governance.

“The response we’ve received from Michiganders all over the state has been truly inspiring,” said John Clore, Founder of Michigan Initiatives For Action. “By having our dedicated circulators spread across these key counties, we’re working to ensure that the voices of citizens are heard and that the importance of transparency is understood by all.”

As the initiative continues to grow, support from the community is vital. There are several ways for concerned citizens to get involved. Financial contributions are crucial to funding the circulation of petitions, while volunteering to circulate petitions in your local area is an effective way to actively contribute. Additionally, sharing information about the Transparency Initiative on social media platforms helps raise awareness and mobilize support.

“Transparency is the cornerstone of a healthy and honest society, and we believe that by uniting our efforts, we can bring about real change,” added Clore. “Whether you choose to donate, circulate petitions, or simply spread the word, your involvement will be instrumental in shaping the future of Michigan’s governance.”

Michigan Initiatives For Action is urging all residents to become part of this historic effort to enhance government accountability and transparency. With a collective push, Michigan can set an example for the nation, demonstrating the power of citizen-led initiatives in shaping policy and ensuring government accountability.

For more information on how you can support the Transparency Initiative, visit or follow Michigan Initiatives For Action on Facebook.

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