The Problem

No Transparency = No Accountability

What's done in the dark, doesn't have to stay in the dark.

The Michigan Legislative branch, as well as the Executive branch, are currently exempt from public records requests (FOIA). How can we hold these elected officials accountable if we have no idea what they are doing?

Michigan ranks last in a national study of state ethics, transparency laws and safeguards, partly due to its’ weak public records law.

Michigan is one of just two states to wholly exempt the governor’s office and is among eight states where lawmakers are explicitly exempt from public records requests, (FOIA).

Our Goal

To hold our Governor and Michigan Legislature subject to public records (FOIA) requests.

Step 1

Create a Citizens' Initiative to bypass legislative and executive branches

Step 2

Gain Support to widen our reach

Step 3

Gather Signatures to get the initiative on the next ballot

Step 4

Vote for the ballot initiative

What is a Citizens' Initiative?

Citizens of Michigan may initiate legislation,

as either an indirectly initiated state statute or a directly initiated constitutional amendment. For statutes, if the petition receives enough valid signatures, then the state legislature has 40 days to adopt or reject the proposal. If the legislature rejects the law, then the measure is placed on the next general election ballot. For amendments, if the petition contains sufficient signatures, then the measure is placed directly on the next general election ballot. In addition, residents have the power to repeal legislation via veto referendum


Why Do We Need This?

Benefit 1

To create transparency in government

Benefit 2

Bypasses Do-Nothing legislators who will never pass these bills

Benefit 3

Puts the power back in the people’s hands to make effective change

Benefit 4

Less corruption means more benefits for the people

Transparency & Accountability

Our mission is to promote citizen participation by making it easier for Michigan residents to propose and pass laws that reflect their values and interests.

Progress of Initiative

Proposed Amendment Draft
Complete 100%
Petition Approval at Bureau of Elections
Passed 7/11/23 100%
Review and Approval at Board of State Canvassers
Passed 7/17/23 100%

Current Map

This is a current map of petition circulators. Thank you to all who have reached out to volunteer. We are now extended to 77 circulators in 37 counties and 2 townships. Please feel free to sign up and become a petition circulator.

The Petition

The petition was submitted to the Michigan Secretary of State, Bureau of Elections on July 11th 2023.  It received unanimous approval by the Board of State Canvassers on July 17th 2023.  The petition can be viewed on the Michigan Secretary of State, Board of State Canvassers website.  



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