Demand for Immediate Transparency - Support "The Transparency Act"

Michigan Legislators,

This is an official public notice representing the unwavering demand of Michigan citizens for transparency in our government. We, the people of Michigan, demand transparency now, and we expect you, as lawmakers, to heed our call without delay.

Michigan Initiatives’ groundbreaking  “The Transparency Act,” is a direct response to your continued failure to uphold transparency and accountability. This citizens’ initiative bypasses the legislative and executive branches, as we have lost confidence in your ability to act in the best interests of the people. It is a necessary step towards holding lawmakers and the executive branch subject to public information requests, finally bringing forth the transparency we deserve.

The absence of transparency within our government has created a breeding ground for corruption, fostering an environment where self-interest thrives at the expense of the people’s welfare. We refuse to tolerate this any longer. Transparency is not a privilege; it is a fundamental right of the people. We demand to know how our elected representatives conduct themselves and make decisions that impact our lives.

“The Transparency Act” serves as a powerful mechanism to dismantle the walls of secrecy that have shielded you from accountability for far too long. By supporting this, you will demonstrate your willingness to be held to the same standards as the citizens you represent. It will no longer be acceptable to hide behind closed doors and obscure the truth from the very people who entrusted you with their votes.

The time for action is not tomorrow or next week—it is now. The people of Michigan will no longer tolerate your indifference or inaction. Our demand for transparency is resolute, and we expect you to act accordingly. Failure to address this demand will unleash a wave of relentless pressure and unified determination from the citizens of Michigan who are committed to achieving the transparency we deserve.

We demand your unwavering support for “The Transparency Act.”  Most of your offices have been sent an email, with an attempt to set a meeting to have a thorough discussion about “The Transparency Act” but unfortunately, not one lawmaker replied to Michigan Initiatives’ request.  We have the sent receipts. 

Embrace transparency as an essential pillar of your public service. Refusing to do so will make it clear that you prioritize personal interests above the well-being of the people of Michigan.

This is not a request, but a demand. The citizens of Michigan have spoken, and their demand for transparency cannot be silenced or ignored. Act now, support “The Transparency Act,” and join us in rebuilding a government that truly serves the interests of the people it represents.

John Clore
Michigan Transparency For Action LLC.

12 Responses

  1. Here Here … we hired them and we pay them! 100% Transparency should go without saying. Shame on all of you in Lansing for it even having to come to this! Thank you, John. God Bless Michigan!!!

  2. It’s time for all government to be transparent. Not just State. The Swamp is everywhere.

  3. It seems that once elected, a legislator reveals their true intentions: acquire power & money for themselves! They sell out their constituents! Show Michigan citizens you can be trusted by being completely transparent in all you say & do!

  4. The USA is actually made up of 52 countries tgat all reside on one body of land called the USA.. hence why Each State aja country has its own set of rules & leaders or Governors! The Federal Government is actually a courtesy agreed upon arrangement which protects us w the Military parks & some $$ benefits through taxes! I say we succeed! We the People are the law & these Evil Greedy liars, thieves, murderes w a full Coup clto overthrow the USA us so evident that a blind dog can see it! Treason per the Constitution is immediate Executions! I say dust off the French guilotine! This insanity needs to find an ending soon!

  5. This is long overdue. I totally agree, our elected officials, who are supposed to represent us, should be honest in their dealings and not hide behind closed doors. Accountability is required, and corruption needs to be weeded out and dealt with.

  6. Nothing should be “hidden” from “the public” of ANY of our U.S.governments. All levels of government are to SERVE and LEAD their constituents, “the public.”

    Those in an electeed office CHOSE to run for that and took oaths to do so. By doing so, they swore to obey that responsibility.
    Transparency is a REQUIREMENT. To do “otherŵise,” means thebhave something to hide. WHY HIDE ANYTHING?! It’s criminal, plain and simple. “The People” always should know what their “trusted” politicians are doing to really “SERVE” that public body.

    Let’s review each document of our state constitution and other rules and procedures AND re-write every one, as well as each “Oath of Office,” to INCLUDE “MANDATORY TRANSPARENCY” into each documents and procedures that need it.

    IT IS CRIMINAL to sneak and hide information from consitituents. Plain and simple.

    1. No Need to Rewrite the United States of America Constitution or The Michigan State Constitution. People must Learn it. Write Letters to State Legislatures and Federal Legislatures and Demand Transparency in what they are discussing and voting on. Make sure you Send it Certified Mail so you have a Record of it being received. By Writing Letters and Demanding a Response. Whether the Courts or Representatives. It becomes part of the Public Record. Learn the Constitution, Your GOD given Rights protected by the Constitution. We are Learning about Our Country and the Constitution of the United States of America and the Michigan Constitution. Learn the Court Documents that protects your Rights!

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