In an unprecedented move, a groundbreaking citizens’ initiative called “The Transparency Act” has been submitted to the Michigan Secretary of State, marking a historic moment in the state’s governance. This innovative initiative aims to hold the executive and legislative branches subject to public information requests, fostering a culture of transparency and accountability. As the petition undergoes review by the Bureau of Elections legal department, it is worth noting that this is the first time such an initiative has been attempted in Michigan, making it a monumental milestone for citizen engagement and transparency in the state.

For far too long, citizens across Michigan have been yearning for increased transparency and access to information concerning the activities of the Executive Branch and Legislature. In response to this pressing need, Michigan Initiatives founder, John Clore has taken up the cause, crafting “The Transparency Act” citizens’ initiative petition. This grassroots effort seeks to introduce sweeping changes and establish a framework that ensures public records are readily available to all Michigan residents.

 “The Transparency Act” represents an unprecedented step towards governmental accountability and public access to information. By subjecting the executive and legislative branches to public information requests, this initiative aims to break down barriers and enable citizens to scrutinize the dealing of their government. Its introduction is monumental, as no previous citizens’ initiative in Michigan has specifically targeted the executive and legislative branches in this manner.  The initiative aims to amend existing legislation, specifically MCL 15.231 et seq., to mandate the disclosure of certain records and hold public officials accountable for compliance.

Upon its submission to the Secretary of State, “The Transparency Act” citizens’ initiative petition is currently undergoing a thorough review by the Bureau of Elections legal department. This review process ensures that the petition complies with all legal requirements and procedures, verifying its validity and feasibility. The diligent scrutiny by the legal department is an essential step towards ensuring the integrity of the initiative and its potential impact on Michigan’s governance.

As “The Transparency Act” continues its journey through the review process, it presents an opportunity for Michigan residents to actively engage in shaping the future of their state. Once the Bureau of Elections legal department completes its review, the petition will move forward for evaluation by the State Board of Canvassers before it can be circulated for signature collection. This critical stage underscores the importance of public participation and support to advance this groundbreaking citizens’ initiative.

 “The Transparency Act” citizens’ initiative petition has set the stage for a groundbreaking transformation in Michigan’s governance, aiming to hold the executive and legislative branches subject to public information requests. With the petition currently under review by the Bureau of Elections legal department, citizens across the state eagerly anticipate the next steps in this monumental initiative. This unprecedented effort signifies the power of citizen engagement and their collective pursuit of a more transparent and accountable government.

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  1. Wow this is great! I hope they don’t try to pull in shenanigans to keep this from getting signatures.

  2. This is very much needed and long overdue in our state in Michigan as many residents have been leaving our state for other states who already have this in place. Why doesn’t Michigan? If, for some reason, the “Transparency Act” initiative is not allowed to pass for petition signatures, then citizens of Michigan will continue to leave this state for other states that provide crucial information for the public to make informed decisions and live in a state of transparency and election integrity. Michiganders deserve better and they deserve to question and challenge their authorities and hold them accountable if needed. Otherwise, this state is not operating as a free society in which our country still is. Michiganders deserve to live in a free state and that is not possible without transparency of authorities and authorities being held accountable for their actions, verbiage and policies.

  3. Sounds like a great idea before everyone leaves Michigan .I’ve been thinking about leaving Michigan myself and I was born and raised here but I can’t stand how our governor and legislators all are out to screw Michigan over and not be held accountable for there actions. It’s past time Michiganders have say in Michigan not just the government.

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