John Clore standing in front of the Michigan Senate floor.

Upholding Accountability: A Call for Reform

In a surprising turn of events, John Clore, a convicted felon who has since reformed, has emerged as a passionate advocate for accountability in Michigan’s political landscape. Despite his troubled past, Clore’s journey serves as a powerful reminder that individuals can change and seek redemption while championing important social issues. Now, he is determined to hold lawmakers in Michigan accountable for their actions.

A Story of Transformation: John Clore’s personal journey is one marked by challenges and self-discovery. After serving his four year prison sentence for a violent felony, he dedicated himself to turning his life around and becoming a positive force within his community.

“When I was nineteen years old, I broke into a house with a group of friends and stole a pistol.  I was over-charged with armed burglary and was facing life in prison because of the choice I made.  I was not armed with intent to do bodily harm.  I became armed, during the commission of a burglary.  I could have been charged with a lesser offense, but instead was charged with the maximum, placing a violent felon label on me while facing life in prison at the age of nineteen years old.” Clore stated.


Recognizing the flaws in the system that once entangled him, Clore now seeks to ensure that others in positions of power are held accountable for their actions.

“What’s good for me is good for thee! If I must be held accountable for every choice I make, then lets turn the tables on those who make our laws.  They should be held at higher standards of accountability than anyone else.”

Championing Accountability: Clore firmly believes that no individual, regardless of their position, should be immune to the consequences of their actions. He asserts that accountability is the foundation of good governance and essential for restoring public trust in the political system. With a burning desire to make a difference, Clore has embarked on a mission to push for greater accountability among lawmakers in Michigan.

As John Clore leads the charge for accountability in Michigan’s political sphere, it is a testament to the potential for redemption and positive change within individuals. His mission to hold lawmakers responsible for their actions reflects a larger desire for transparency and integrity in governance. By supporting Clore’s cause, we can all play a role in fostering a political system that truly serves the best interests of the people.

John Clore testifying at Michigan House Elections and Ethics Committee where his sole testimony changed a bill.

By creating Michigan Initiatives and drafting “The Transparency Act” Clore hopes to amened the Michigan constitution, Act 442 of 1976 to hold legislative and executive branches subject to public information requests. 

“The fist step towards accountability is transparency. If we don’t have access to information that lets us know what our elected officials are doing, then how can we hold them accountable?”

Shining a Light on Misconduct: One of the key issues that Clore seeks to address is the prevalence of misconduct within the political sphere. He highlights cases of corruption, ethical violations, and abuses of power that have plagued Michigan’s lawmakers in recent years. Clore argues that the lack of transparency and oversight has allowed such misconduct to thrive, undermining the integrity of the political process.

A Path to Reform: To combat this issue, Clore proposes a comprehensive reform agenda. His vision includes implementing stronger ethics regulations, enforcing stricter campaign finance laws, and enhancing transparency through the expansion of public information requests, such as the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). By shining a light on the actions of lawmakers and establishing clear consequences for misconduct, he hopes to foster a culture of accountability within Michigan’s political landscape.

Supporting Clore’s Cause: Clore recognizes that he cannot achieve this alone. He calls upon like-minded individuals, community organizations, and concerned citizens to join him in his quest for accountability. Together, they can amplify their voices and work towards a system that upholds integrity, transparency, and the best interests of the people.

Looking to the Future: John Clore’s remarkable transformation serves as an inspiration to all who believe in the power of personal growth and second chances. Through his advocacy for accountability, he aims to reshape the political landscape in Michigan, ensuring that lawmakers are held to the highest standards of ethics and transparency.

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